And They Call It Ennui…..

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OOOH, that’s a listless look….

Just recently, I’ve been getting a little whiff of something…what do you call it…when you’re at a loss for something to do, or at least anything you want to do…might we call it boredom? I learned a long time ago  not to say that to my Mother as a kid…her reply was always a reliable,  “Bored are you? I’ll find you something to do!”. Knowing that meant cleaning out my closet (something I actually need to do today) or working in the garden (ditto), I would quickly find an activity.If you follow along on Instagram or Facebook (and I hope you do), you know I’ve been traveling on and off since I exited WBAL….I still hate the word retire. So I’ve either been preparing for, or getting over various jaunts. But now I’m home for a while, and there it is….ennui. I actually like the word, but loathe the feeling…ennui being defined as “a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement“…. occupation in this sense meaning something that occupies your time, not a job per se. So here we are. Maybe everyone goes through this from time to time, but I’d have to say I never did while working. Perhaps because I had no lack of occupation or excitement?  I’m hoping it will all settle out in time and I will adjust to this new life and find something new that I’d be excited about … I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I’m making a public commitment to organize my closet, and get to work on a neglected garden……and that’s the short list.

Ram in the Scottish countryside….he was quite a poser…

But I highly recommend Scotland! My trip there was sadly cut short, but I adored the place. Spectacular scenery, sweet little towns…..I think I could happily spend a month(or longer) there.

I stayed at a place called the Shian B & B….in Trochry, just outside of the town of Dunkeld.  Dunkeld itself is worth a visit not only for the surrounding things to see and do, but it’s also the home of Aran Bakery. If you follow Great British Bake Off (if you don’t start streaming now on Netflix), you may remember in season 6, Flora Sheddon became a star, and she was the runner up, not the winner of that season! Flora had her pick of places to start a bakery in the UK, but she chose her home town of Dunkeld. I had the chance to meet her, and she was lovely, with the same flawless complexion and pink cheeks that endeared her to millions.

The lovely Flora Sheddon and me of course…

Oh, and the reason the Great Trip to Scotland was cut short? Just before that, the whole family was at the Mountain House in Cashiers NC….the Hubby was playing hopscotch (yes, hopscotch) with our 5 year old granddaughter, and completely ruptured his Achilles’ tendon. Trip to Charlotte, surgery, sickroom, recuperation, boot, crutches….the whole nine yards. So “Himself” couldn’t make the journey a few weeks later, and while I did go for a week…I had a total of 3 nights in Scotland.  But we’ll be back….life does have surprises in store for us all, and really all we can do is roll with the punches, right?

I was thinking last night (around 4 am-the perfect time to ponder life’s issues it seems), that I really have been feeling not nearly thankful enough. Maybe we all become a little short-sighted, and not in a clinical way, though I am physically short-sighted as well these days….but in an emotional way. I find myself thinking too much about me and why I don’t feel more “happy” with more time on my hands, rather than just finding joy in the little moments that present themselves. This is something I have to work on. Who knows…maybe I’ll find what I’m looking for at the bottom of my closet!! Peace and love everyone….chat soon!













  1. Karen October 30, 2018 at 5:30 pm - Reply

    I get it. You echo my feelings. When we live in a culture that defines us by what we do, and we stop “doing”, we can feel confused about our purpose, even get bored on occasion.

  2. Susan November 18, 2018 at 4:02 pm - Reply

    Wow – sure can relate to this! Wish I had the secret cure. Unfortunately, I think we all have to endure it from time to time if we choose to be without a full time job.

    I personally do not wish to work full time again unless I absolutely have to (God forbid). I travel, spend time with my grandkids, cook, go to the gym, enjoy my Bookclub, and socialize with friends. Even with all that, I often think I need more structure (part time job maybe? ) so the days aren’t so long.

    I know I should be grateful that I don’t have much pressure/job stress any longer. I always here that phrase “find your passion”. I’m still looking! Maybe I’ll never find “it”. Who knows? In the meantime, guess I’ll just have to relax and go with the flow…

    • Donna February 4, 2019 at 3:48 pm - Reply

      We’re just searchers!!

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